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Okay, so. It’s been like, years since I’ve legit blogged on here. Now, 8755866 years later, I’m blogging again. I’m a completely different person, but that’s okay. Not a whole lot has changed, other than my interests. I still love Twilight. ❤ Luckily, Breaking Dawn will be coming out shortly. I cannnnnnnot wait. 😀 On a sad note, my true love, Pretty Little Liars has gone out of season. Though, the Halloween episode will be airing next month. c; as for music, Asking Alexandria's album, Reckless and Relentless, is still new enough. I'm single as fuck, and, not all that focused on changing that. I'm doing pretty well in school right now, which I hope won't change. So, nothing is really new or exciting in my life, sadly. Still trying to figure a bunch of shit out. Still playing soccer, still hate it. So, yeah. Aha, I'm still way too boring to keep a blog, but, whatever. ;D

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