Another Sunday Afternoon,

I kind of hate Sundays. Like, there’s always work that you pushed off until the last day of the weekend to do. This weekend, for me, that’s half of my big ass science project. The only thing I did during the week contributing to it was this little comic. ;P Yesterday, I finished my crossword puzzle. So far today, I’ve finished my story about a scientist that contributed to the plate tectonics theory. I’m contemplating starting my collage or just taking a shit grade. I’ll probably do it tonight at eight or something. I really need to do my hair & find something to where tomorrow. xD everything is more important than finishing my project. So, everyday this weekend, I stayed home & did nothing. Omfg. I’m so popular. ;S actually, I gained a shit load of followers on Tumblr, so, this weekend wasn’t a complete waste of life.
I really need friends. Lmfao. My mom told me like, two hours ago that we were going to Pick N’ Save, but, we still haven’t gone yet, so, I don’t even know if we’re going. No one tells me shit anymore. Lololol. At least the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars is getting closerrrrr. I’m legit in love with Pretty Little Liars, but, it totally ruined my life. I’ve been thinking about it less since it went out of season, but, it’s skill hella important. Fml. c;

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